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Fused Stained Glass (Functional Glass Art) by Transoms and More

Functional Glass Art at Transoms and More is our line of stained glass fused plates and dishware. Functional Glass Art pieces can range from decorated single color pieces to pieces which incorporate monograms, simple logos and even cattle brands and ranch brands within the varying line design and color combination structures.

It is functional because the pieces are food safe and can go into the dishwasher (not the microwave) and it is art because it is not the run-of-the-mill boring dishware bought at Pier 1 or Crate and Barrel. It can be used as a display piece on a counter or shelf or hung on the wall.



Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones
11" x 11" Fused Glass Plate
Monogrammed Plate

Each Transoms and More piece or set has a specific line and color combination design. Because each piece is hand made no two pieces are exactly alike. Pieces may be similar, but because glass sheets vary and we find exactly alike pieces boring, no two are exactly the same. When we do sets they incorporate multiple line designs and complimentary colors.

Each piece requires two kiln firings totaling up to16 hours. The first firing step liquefies the multi-layer flat glass at 1,500 degrees to fuse the pieces. After fusing the glass is slowly cooled to room temperature. The second kiln process heats the glass to 1,300 degrees where it slumps and forms the final shape. The glass is again slowly cooled to room temperature.



Monogrammed Fused Glass Plate 8" x 8"

Sizes range from four inch fused glass coasters to twelve inch serving plates or flat cake platters. Sets may include coasters, hors d'oeuvres plates, salad plates, dessert plates, dinner plates, serving plates and cake plates. The client determines the color and the number and size of plates to include in the set .

Contact us by e-mail ator call the studio at 352-751-5536 to set-up an appointment. The studio is located in The Villages, FL 32162.



Blue Vanilla Plate

Fused Glass Plate 10" x 10"
Green and Green Wispy Set Arc L brand Black and Gold Set
Fused Glass Plate Set 10" and 8" Plates Ranch or Cattle Branded Fused Glass Plate 10" x 10" Fused Glass Plate Set 10" and 8" Plates
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